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Multiple Grits
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Assorted High Grit Sandpaper for wood metal and walls

Why Choose Us

Pack of 12

12 sandpapers in a single pack can be used for multiple purposes and sanding make things more perfect according to our needs.

Wet & Dry

We can use sandpapers on dry and wet surfaces. Easy to use on metals, wood and other things without breaking sandpaper while sanding.


We assure the minimal price due to this pandemic, we want to participate via the amazon platform. Buy Sandpepers in reasonable amount.

High Quality

Sandpapers are Not easily breakable because we high quality material is used, it will increase their durability.


Multiple Grit

Variety of sandpaper grit ranging from 400-1500 used for sanding on both wet and dry surfaces to furnish. The grit chart shows each grit usage.

Get 65% Off*

£ 2.95 | £ 4.50

We are selling a Pack of 12 Sandpaper in 65% less amount from all other Amazon brands, this is your best chance to grab maximum sand paper packs, As soon as we get out of this pandemic we will increase our rates.


What Our Clients Say

Buyers choose our product according to their need and customers found pack of sandpaper very useful due to variation of grits.

Average Сustomer Rating
Great experience with volsly 1500 grit sandpaper, does not stretch and tear neatly. In fact, waterproof can be used for wet treatment, water rolls like oil.
John Kim
Car Painter
Got intact, good grinding paper
Elton Don
Grains seem to be made of silicon carbide, applied by the electrostatic method. it seems to have saved on them. In general, fine grinding of metal or glass is suitable.
Russel Drou

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